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Priya Srikumar

Department of Computer Science, Cornell University
Email: ps735 [at] cornell.edu

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I am a senior at Cornell University, studying Computer Science. Currently, I'm working with Nate Foster and Eric Campbell on heterogeneous network formalisms to efficiently and correctly synthesize control plane operations for differing data planes.

Programming languages as a field fascinates me. I'm especially drawn broadly to the problems of compiler verification (in its many flavors), expanding the expressiveness of proof assistants, and improving program synthesis (through examples, relational logics, or solver-aided PLs) for more effective application in specific domains.

This fall, I'll be applying to PhD programs with the aim of exploring PL further.



Fall 2020 TA Programming Languages and Logics at Cornell University
Spring 2019 TA Discrete Structures at Cornell University
Fall 2018 TA Discrete Structures at Cornell University



2020 The Next 700 Compiler Correctness Theorems (Functional Pearl) by Daniel Patterson and Amal Ahmed (Cornell Summer PLDG) [slides]
Semantic Code Search via Equational Reasoning by Varot Premtoon, James Koppel, and Armando Solar-Lezama (Cornell Fall PLDG) [slides]


2020 CompCert: the Double-Edged Sword of Verification (Cornell Advanced Compilers) [post]